An Explanatory Note.

“Steven Levitt tends to see things differently than the average person. Differently, too, than the average economist. This is either a wonderful trait or a troubling one, depending on how you feel about economists.” – The New York Times Magazine, August 3, 2003

Both Levitt and Dubner think very differently from not only the average person, but also the average economists. In their explanatory note I definitely realized this. How they see the world, and why they see people acting the way they do is what does make them “freaks” in the economic world. In their note to the reader you can tell they want you to see the world of economists in a different light.

When I think of economists I see a group of dark-haired, brief case carrying men in synchronized steps walking the streets of their New York City to their offices on the thirty-fifth floor flirting with their assistant on the way in. Then comes a day of punching numbers into a calculator, claiming to have all the answers of the world.

Dubner and Levitt’s ideas are based off of ideas, people’s thoughts, incentives, and then backed by the numbers. That slight variance is truly what makes all the difference. Throughout the rest of this book I hope my view of economics is changed by this idea. No longer with those brief case men be blocking my view, but instead I’ll hopefully understand why they carry that briefcase. Because that is what economics is: Understanding the hidden side of everything.


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