Introduction: The Hidden Side Of Everything.

What caused the drop of crime rate in the 1900’s? Was it the good economy and gun control laws? Yes, but mostly it was the fact that abortion was legalized in the 1970’s. It seems like such a stretch to find a correlation between the gun pointing teenagers in angst in the 1990’s, and the innocent newborns laying in their cribs in the 70’s. But there is. Without these rebelling teens being brought up in an unstable home caused by an unexpected pregnancy, the choice of abortion changed this. These criminals would never exist. And either would their acts of crime.

The relationship between the two is something that not one would normally think to be the reason behind it. At that time, like the book stated, that most people in the 1990’s thought the drop of crime rates was due to other things, and the legalizing of abortion was never a reported cause. So what really causes the things around us? Can we only figure it out after everything has ended? Or can we figure it out while it’s happening?

I think we can discover the cause of things before, during, and after something happens, it’s just a matter of opening your eyes and seeing that hidden side. Maybe since those children weren’t born in the 1970’s then we would’ve had the discovery of things, such as the cure for cancer. But isn’t that the point of innovation? Uncovering all the what-ifs of the world?

So back to my brief-case holding economist. Maybe there’s nothing in his briefcase, and he holds it so people, like me, think he knows what he is doing so I pay him more for his economic advice. Or maybe he holds it to show the people he grew up with that even though his mother had gave birth to him unexpectedly and he grew up in hard family, that he could make something of himself. Or maybe…just maybe, the cure for cancer is hidden in that briefcase. Just maybe.


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