Epilogue: Two Paths to Harvard.

“The most likely result of having read this book is a simple one: you may find yourself asking a lot of questions. Many of them will lead to nothing. But some will produce answers that are interesting, even surprising.”

The book is now complete. I made it, and I hope you did too. (All of my one views of my blog, which was forced upon my friend, by me…No bitterness intended.) So what now? Move on, read another book, maybe take another shot at a different blog? Yes, but not exactly. Even reading the explanatory note of this book my thinking changed. I began to question everything. Usually my questions already had answers, or were easy enough to figure out. When I was younger, I use to get yelled at by my parents for asking to me questions from “Are we there yet?” to “Why is the sky blue?”. In some sense, one may say I’ve had a knack at economics, and the ideas behind life. But I tend to challenge that.

The questions I ask usually just flip upside down someone’s thinking.You read this book and everything twists around about four times, does a couple flips in the air and then lands upside down, until it makes sense. Now, those questions and theories, are a 10 on the gymnastic scale. So in conclusion I’m going to take a shot at discovering something. Something that’s a 10. Not just why does my economist hold his briefcase? Or why doesn’t LaFonda hold it? Or what is in that briefcase of his? But instead this is the best I currently got:

Is that briefcase holding economist really holding a briefcase at all?

Think about it.


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