And We’re Back….

” The explosive follow-up to Freakonomics.”

Here we are once again. (I can actually say “we” since I’ve had a few visitors now…Oh, the joy!) Levitt, Dubner, my briefcase man, and I are all back together. With the possible addition of prostitutes, Santa, and suicide bombers. Back to write a sequel blog to the sequel book, “Super Freakonomics” and I hope my blog can match the “explosiveness” the book is suppose to convey.

So how is this blog going to be “super” compared to the last, you might ask? Well, personally I failed my challenge for the last blog. Throughout that book I wanted to find a correlation between two local things and relate them back to economics. And I didn’t do that, like I had originally planned way, way back in my very first post. So maybe that’s why I’m here again. Either way, I’m glad to be back.


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