Introduction: Putting the Freak in Economics.

“When the solution to a problem doesn’t lay right before our eyes, it is easy to assume that no solution exists. But history has shown us again and again that such assupmtions are wrong.”

What’s more dangerous, driving drunk or walking drunk? What’s worst for the community, vehicles or horse-drawn wagons? What’s more deadly, sharks or elephants? The answer is not what you’d think it to be. Society and media can change the way things are interpretated, and then giving off false ideas. So once again Levitt and Dubner are here to address those ideas, and see what the truth behind them really is. Like they said, “We are trying to start a conversation, not have the last word.” But the conversations have already begun.

But even more importantly they did not have the last word. Which is why I believe they are writing the sequel, to keep the conversations going. Plus they never did explain the hidden side of “everything”, so they are taking another step closer to that. How much is everything anyway? Because it looks as if they are going to have a lot of books to write. So grab your breifcase and come on, because this is just the introduction.


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