How Is A Street Prostitute Like A Department-Store Santa?

“The answer is obvious: they both take advantage of short-term job opportunities brought about by holiday spikes in demand.”

Balancing supply and demand is one of the basic of understanding economics, let alone life in general. In this chapter Levitt and Dubner identify how a woman can make more money being a prostitute rather other stereotypical female jobs. This is all because the demand for a prostitute’s services are a lot higher than the demand for other positions. (No pun intended.) So since the prostitute noted in the book, Allie, maintained control over her business then she became more successful than most. So why doesn’t every woman want to be a prostitute?

Now to most of you reading that the answer you probably scoffed and said “that’s easy”. But those who actually pondered it, props to you. It’s because the incentive of money isn’t as strong as the incentive of what your family would think, how you would feel, and how its socially wrong. Maybe if prostitution would be legalized then more women would join in the trade because they wouldn’t have the fear of being arrested. But if it were legalized then the demand for prostitutes would probably go down as well. Seeing three or four women on every corner wouldn’t be as enticing as it use to be. Therefore prostitutes couldn’t charge $200.00 per hour, and still have business. It’s all about the balance.

So what does that mean for us? That women should seriously consider prostitution? Or men should dress in red suits around Christmas time to get paid to listen? Or we should all hold a briefcase to appear different from what we really are? No, not necessarily. It means to think in a way where something may make sense, when it never would have made sense before. But that’s just me throwing in my two cents. Pun, this time, was intended.


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