Here We Go Again.

I just got over a month and a half of writer’s block. Yes, a month and a half. Not just a few hours but weeks. At first I blamed the book “Super Freakonomics” and accused it of being repetitive and not as “super” as I expected. But then I further realized, it was probably me who was unenthused, and possibly even being repetitive in my posts. Just guessing that two of the greatest minds in economics, Dubner and Levitt, probably are a little more interesting than what I have been giving them credit for.

But, I don’t want you to think my entire study of economics also hit a block. Instead it did just the opposite. I began conducting my own research on an experiment having to do with behavioral economics. The details of this experiment cannot yet be revealed due to the possibility of others knowledge of the experiment, which could in the end ruin my results. Therefore, just trust me. Somethings coming.

Also I enrolled in an online course through Duke University with professor Dan Ariely called “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior”. In this course I have been watching weekly video lectures and taking quizzes based on the information. I definitely recommend this course or any from Dan, and if you ever have the opportunity to listen or study under this man, take advantage. I’m two weeks into the course and already have learned so much about the basics of behavioral economics. From mental accounting, opportunity costs, and the pain of paying, this course has let me see economics through yet another set of eyes.

I am planning to jump back into my book, reread a few chapters and hopefully get my posts back in full motion. I apologize for anyone who was let down by my inconsistency, but hopefully with these next few posts I can make it up to you. (You, being my imaginary dedicated followers.) Whether it’s for you or for me, with briefcase in hand, I’m back.


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